Saturday, May 3, 2014

Walk 4 Water-  Last weekend my family and I attended the Walk4Water in Nashville, TN.  W4W is put on by the beautiful people of (Healing Hands International) There are many walks throughout the U.S. but Nashville is the home to HHI which is why I wanted to travel to this one.  There were around 300 attendees and the event raised nearly $30,000 to drill clean water wells in Kenya.  Through donations, in lough of birthday gifts, our group raised $330, which would supply wells for 198 people.  Water is something most of us take for granted because we have been blessed with more than we would ever need.  If we pause for a minute and imagine all of the ways we use water in our day-to-day life and then imagine that water being 4 miles away, the average distance for the less fortunate, we can get a glimpse of the devastation the lack of it would cause.  Not only is this water miles away from many- when they do get to it- it is often stagnant and filled with harmful bacteria and disease.  Even though water is the most abundant resource on earth the stats on the lack of it are astounding:

-780 Million people lack access to clean water.
-6,000 people die each day from the lack of it.
-90% of these deaths are children.

To find a walk near you or support a fundraising effort please visit  As with most non-profits I promote this is a top-rated 4 star charity for

The Nashville Walk4Water group pic